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Encouraging women in transitioning to smile again.

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        Speak Out! You Tell!                

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I resently met this person who seemed very formiluar to me but I was unsure, we began to conversated, after about 5 minutes into the conversation the person stated "I had you when you were a child, now I want to have you as an adult" at that moment I still didnt know who this person was but I knew I knew them because they knew my whole family. Later into the conversation the person said, you still dont know who I am? I stated no. We ended our conversation about 30 minutes later and parted. I then called a family member to inquire about this person and yes my family knew the person very well, that person was the person who molested me when I was a child. I didn't tell anyone up until now. (Anonymous)

Everyday at the bus stop, on the bus, and in school this group of boys bullied me over and over, I really wanted to fight back but I knew it was the wrong thing to do. I was an "A" student, It began to affect my grades because I hated going to school. I finally told my parents, I reached out to my teacher and my guidance counselor for help. (Antonio)

How as the Preachers wife how do I tell the congration that I'm leaving the church and my husband because behind closed doors he is physically, verbally and sexually abusing me...I chose not to, I just packed up me and my kids and left the state... (Anonymous)