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Encouraging women in transitioning to smile again.

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The Hit Stage Production

"CloZet Confession"

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Renza Yarbrough Bing, founder of Za’Nee Entertainment, LLC,.             A native of Louisville Kentucky, has been a resident of Augusta, Georgia for 30 plus years. She is a seasoned playwright who has a passionate desire to help mend broken hearts, as well as, broken homes. Coming from a broken home herself, has dealt with verbal abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, as well as, alcohol abuse. Through her stage productions, she has been able to bring a higher awareness to depression, mental illness, school shootings, domestic abuse, and other tragic events. Families are destroyed over non-resolved issues that may have been swept under the rug. When people do not address issues, this causes a rippling effect --often causing the victim to become the victimizer.

This Is A Vicious Cycle That Must Be Broken! 

Her latest production, “CloZet Confession”, brings awareness to domestic violence, bullying, mental illness, gun violence, suicide and more. The world is indeed in need of healing, and this production, from start to finish has an influential message of healing. Audience members who have seen this production stated "we were captivated by the performance and the message”.They spoke of how the message helped them face their fears and take back control of their lives.
The cast of “CloZet Confession” who delivers with immense heartfelt passion is a diverse group of professionals from ordained clergy, social workers, licensed counselors, motivational speakers, educators, registered nurses, business owners and more—each living as an overcomer of one or more of the issues they portray in the play. 

“CloZet Confession” has had multiple Sold Out performances through-out the state of Georgia and Kentucky.   

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March 2, 2024 Miller Theater